Virgin Steele
Visions of Eden (The Lilith Project - a Barbaric Romantic Movie of the Mind)

Release date: September 8th 2006
T & T Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Power Metal

Rating: 80/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
July 31st 2006

First studio album from David DeFeis and Virgin Steele in 6 years. And even thought 6 years is a long time, Virgin Steele fans don't need to worry - David DeFeis picks up where he left us back in 2000 with 'The House of Atreus, Act II'. Symphonic power metal with big choirs, pounding rhythms, David's unique voice and very epic songs.

11 classical and traditional Virgin Steele compositions are on offer here, telling the story of Lilith, whose origins can be found in Sumerian myths. Kicking it off is the brilliant opener: "Immortal I Stand (The Birth of Adam)", other highlights include the very speedy "Black Light on Black", the 2 epic songs: "Angel of Death" and "Visions of Eden" and the wonderful ballad: "God above God". And opposite to what some the titles might indicate, the story hasn't anything to do with the biblical Adam and Eve, but does have a strong references to the modern society in which we live today.

One thing bugs me however - why is the guitars - both rhythm and lead - not more up-front in the mix? At first I there was something wrong with the album, but no it's like that throughout the entire album! On the other hand, the drum production has to be one of the best I've heard this year.

This ends being a good Virgin Steele album, not as great as classic albums like 'Noble Savage' 'The Marriage-albums' or 'Invictus', but still a very cool power metal album, which I think just keeps getting better and better by each spin. It really opens up and you discover something new each time you listen to it...

Editor's note: Now I have listened to the final version of the album and it does sound better and more powerful, than the promo version. The guitar sound is still a bit laid back, but the overall sound is good. September 18th 2006.