Metal Black

Release date: March 20th 2006
Sanctuary Records
Target (Denmark)
“Black” metal

Rating: 55/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen
February 4th 2006

I never doubted Venom’s importance for heavy metal. “Welcome to Hell” and “Black Metal” were seminal, no matter how crude and how crappy the production. The band’s antiques and bad manners are legendary and not at all justified by a massive talent – on the contrary. What made Venom interesting was not the music, but rather the attitude, and in that respect, the world could easily do without another attempt by Cronos and his accomplices Antton and Mykvs to cause a stir.  

There is nothing shocking about “Metal Black”, let alone anything interesting. Cronos’ half-hearted scream are about as talent less as they’ve sounded the past 15 years and the album is only saved by an occasional decent riff. The drum production is terrible, by the way.  

Sorry, but this frail attempt at metal grandeur plummets like Lucifer into the tarred pits of hell.