Vendetta – The 5th

German band Vendetta was founded in 1984 and released two albums in the eighties. Go and Live… Stay and Die was their debut album and soon their second Brain Damage followed in 1988. After that they split up and re-united in 2000 for some gigs. In 2007 they released their third album, the fourth followed in 2011 and now in 2017 here is their 5th simply called The 5th. Not a consistent career, but I appreciate their persistence. Their eighties albums are quite cult, but in my opinion never reached the same quality as other German releases like for example Kreator. Nevertheless their mix of speed and thrash is quite enjoyable.

On this new album they again mix speed and thrash. The songstructures are rather simple, the riffs recognizable, but most of the songs have a contagious drive. Never I get the idea that I listen to something new, but that doesn’t make this a bad album. It is as if time stood still, memories of Overkill, Annihilator (‘Religion Is a Killer’) and old Vendetta enter my mind. Although the band never reaches the same level as old Overkill or Annihilator. There are a lot of thrash releases lately and also quite a few to come, this new Vendetta album will sure fit in. The whipped up songs will create a nice pit and fans of their early work will dribble for sure.

Old school eighties speed/thrash addicts have something to look forward to.


01. Fragile
02. Let ‘er Rip
03. Deadly Sin
04. Agency Of Liberty
05. The Search
06. The Prophecy
07. Shame On You
08. Religion Is a Killer
09. Nevermind


Playing time: 39:31

Release date: 24 February 2017

Label: Massacre Records


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