Impressions in Blood

Release date: September 6th 2006
Regain Records

Distribution: Import

Death Metal

Rating: 90/100
Cover artwork:
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
December 1st 2006

For the past 6 months Vader from Poland has grown to be one of my favourite Death Metal acts. Formed back in 1986, they have since grown into one of the masters of European Death Metal. Hate them or love them but there’s no way around them.

Vader has released Death Metal hammer albums like, "The Ultimate Incantation" (1993), “De Profundis” (1995), “Litany” (2000), and one of my favourites: “Revelations” from 2002.

Now they are back with another hammer titled “Impressions in Blood”. 11 tracks of pure, pure Death Metal of the highest calibre. Brutal and blasphemous they simply destroy everything in sight with their bone-crunching, and sometimes very groovy Metal spiced with guttural, yet understandable, vocals. It is exactly these ingredients that make Vader’s music so enthralling. Every single track stands out of it’s own in my opinion… and Damn… their music is fucking brutal without being total chaos. The guitar-riffs are both heavy as hell and relentless fast. The drumming is fast and brutal but a tad mechanical at times. But I can live with that.

Everything about this Death Metal album is just right, the music, the production and the dark and twisted cover artwork. “Impressions in Blood" will hit you like a hammer be sure about that. This new album will help Vader to continue their fight for the Death Metal crown. 

Bow down to the masters.