Umphrey's McGee
Safety in Numbers

Release date: April 3rd 2006
Label: InsideOutMusic
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Jam Rock

Rating: 55/100
Cover artwork rating: 95/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: March 31st 2006

Jam rock belongs live on stage (PERIOD). It is as simple as that - to capture the experience jam rock creates live on stage you need to be there, sweating with the band. It is not the feeling or sensation you experiences with a CD.

Sure we are dealing with 6 skilful musicians, who throughout the entire album show great skills, creating very emotional songs, which are hard if not impossible to put into a category. The mixture ranges from blues, country, jazz, folk thru rock 'n' roll and I do like this album a whole lot better than last years' "Anchor Drops". This album is more song orientated, more mature and overall just a better experience.

Go see them live, that is where you'll experience them "for real". The are touring intensively each year, averaging 160 concerts a year, so maybe they'll play somewhere near you soon...

I love the artwork, one the coolest covers I've see for some time!