Ultimate Holocaust – Blackmail The Nation

Ultimate Holocaust_Blackmail the Nation

Ultimate Holocaust; an extreme band name for an extreme Metal band. But what is in a name unless you can live up to it? That is definitely something that the band tried to find out with their debut “Blackmail the Nation”. And they sure are up for a good start! Yes, there are parts where the album sounds a bit repetitive and where you have the feeling that the band had glued some riffs and other passages together without ensuring a smooth transition, but the band sure has potential. The vocals are a bit on the Thrash/Death Metal side, while the music is more Thrash Metal but with a tendency towards classical Metal, which makes up for an interesting mixture. The singer simply barks out the lyrics while the rest of the band takes care of the sound carpet made up of riffs, guitar solos and an ever beating drum kit. This is obviously not an album one should recommend to somebody who is just getting into Heavy Metal, but fans who already have a certain experience with Heavy Metal and know what Thrash Metal is about might want to give the album a try.


01. U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. (protector of the world)
02. Out Of Frequencies
03. Blackmail the nation
04. Reportage
05. Gambler’s Theatre
06. Lord of replication
07. Pentagram of terrorism
08. Silicon and Blood
09. Escape from Nightmare

Playing time: 41:38

Release date: 27 July, 2015

Label: Earthquake Terror Noise

Website: Ultimate Holocaust (Facebook)

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