U.D.O. – Navy Metal Night


Pretty much all Old School Metal fans will agree that Udo Dirkschneider is one of the grandmasters of the genre, a true icon of what Old School Heavy Metal is all about. This is also why it would be absolutely redundant to explain in detail as to what to expect from this live album. Although, this is not entirely true. This is not your usual Heavy Metal live album. Yes sure, you get all sorts of U.D.O. classics like “Heart of Gold”, but what makes this one different is the fact that U.D.O. recorded it with the German Navy Orchestra (Marinemusikkorps Nordsee). This does not only befit the old Heavy Metal battleship U.D.O., but also celebrates some other aspects of this kind of German Old School Metal. First of all, there is the blue collar background, and who can deny the similarity between blue collar work and being a (Navy) sailor? Both are physically demanding jobs and require a toughness that is also deeply ingrained in this kind of Metal. So yes, there sure is a connection in spirit. And maybe this connection is also what made Udo say in an interview that the gig was an overwhelming experience for him, a dream come true.


But it was not also an overwhelming experience for U.D.O., it is also an overwhelming experience for the listener. One can literally feel that U.D.O. and the Navy Orchestra are kindred spirits – probably even more kindred than they think – that work together to add an entirely new dimension to the songs. Udo’s rough voice, the band’s electric instruments and the orchestra’s enormous skills create a sound carpet that is both energetic, but also full of feelings. This album is definitely a masterpiece and will take you away on a journey you will not forget. 10 points!


01 Intro (Das Boot)
02 Das Boot
03 Future Land
04 Independence Day
05 Animal Instinct
06 The Hall Of The Mountain King
07 Heart Of Gold
08 Man And Machine
09 Dancing With An Angel (feat. Doro Pesch)
10 Faceless World
11 Ride
12 Days Of Hope And Glory
13 Cut Me Out
14 Trainride In Russia (Poezd Po Rossii)
15 Stillness Of Time
16 King Of Mean
17 Book Of Faith
18 Animal House

Playing time: 96:11

Release date: 31 July, 2015

Label: AFM Records

Website: http://www.udo-online.com

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