Twisted into Form
Then Comes Affliction to Awaken the Dreamer

Release date: September 19th 2006
Sensory Records
Provided by: Intromental Management
Target (Denmark)
: -

Progressive Metal

Rating: 85/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
November 11th 2006

Just by looking at the musicians taking part in this brand new Norwegian supergroup genre insiders know we are dealing with a serious and content band here. Headed by former Spiral Architect guitarist Kaj Gornitzka, who along with Extol drummer David Husvik, bass player Erik Aadland and original Spiral Architect session vocalist Leif J. Knashaug makes up the line-up for Twisted into Form.

I have more than once seen them labelled technical progressive metal - as opposed to what? simple progressive metal? I'll simply say that this is progressive metal done by some very skilful musicians, who all knows their way around their instruments. This is complex, it's intense and the technical level is very high.

The music is very demanding on the listener because their aim to create music that fuses the intensity of jazz/fusion and technical metal results in a emotional rollercoaster ride with loads of time changes, lot's of breaks and weird patterns, which at times reminds a bit of genre kings like Watchtower, Atheist or Spiral Architect.

Neil Kernon (Nevermore, Queensr˙che) was chosen to do the final mix, and in retrospect that was a very wise decision, because the album has a very good sound.
If you are into complex and challenging music and you count the above mentioned bands among your favourites, then this one should top your shopping list!