Luca Turilli
The Infinite Wonders of Creation

Release date: May 29th 2006
Magic Circle Music
Target (Denmark)
Symphonic Hard Rock

Rating: 68/100
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: May 10th 2006

Luca Turilli the guitar wizard from Rhapsody is back with his 3rd solo album. After the release of “King of the Nordic Twilight” in 1999 and “Prophet of the Last Eclipse” in 2002 two outstanding Symphonic Power Metal releases, my expectations for ”The Infinite Wonders of Creation” were very high.  

After a couple of spins in my CD-player I was actually in a state of shock, I was expecting some Symphonic Power Metal but what I got was a mixture of Hard Rock and film score music with big orchestrations???  

Another big change is that half of the songs have female vocals, nothing wrong with that but I was expecting that Olaf Hayer was singing all of the songs like on the other two albums.  

But after 15 to 20 spins I was actually hooked by some of the tracks, especially “Mother Nature” a hard rockin’ tune with great vocals by Bridget Fogle, and the last two tracks “Mystic and Divine” and “The Infinite Wonders of Creation”.  

“The Infinite Wonders of Creation” is a good album but it never comes close to the first two Luca Turilli albums, it’s sad but true.