The Crusade

Release date: October 6th 2006
Roadrunner Records
Distribution: Bonnier/Amigo (Denmark)

Thrash Metal

Rating: 97/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: October 12th 2006

Trivium is very young band from Florida, and I must admit that they have never really caught my attention before, mainly because their first couples of albums (‘Ember to Inferno’ from 2003 & ‘Ascendancy’ from 2005) were more in the emo- & metal core direction, which really isn't my cup of tea. I have always considered them to be "just another over-hyped emo-core band". And even though this album is one the most anticipated albums among metal fans this year, my own expectations for this their 3rd album entitled 'The Crusade' weren't that high, but was I in for a big surprise!

Gone are the modern guitar sounds and aggressive growling from their first 2 albums and what remains is a fucking brilliant thrash metal album. An album, which fans of their old style, might have some troubles getting used to... but for a huge thrash metal fan like me this is just like a wet dream come true...

They sure wear their influences on their sleeves - from the desert near Phoenix: Sacred Reich ("Detonation"), to L.A.: Megadeth ("Unrepentant") and Mötley Crüe - "Anthem (We are the Fire)", which is a cool hybrid between those 2 bands, sounds strange, I know! and all the way to the capital of thrash metal: San Francisco: Death Angel, Testament, Forbidden, Vio-Lence and the almighty Metallica.
Trivium has always been compared to Metallica, mainly due to 20 year old guitarist/vocalist Matt Heafy's James Hetfield-like vocals (Yeah he is that young!). And he does sound very, very similar to James, and they are heavily inspired by Metallica.

But if you take into consideration what kind of metal Metallica is releasing these days is that really such a bad thing to have a young and promising metal band releasing an album heavily inspired by some of the best Bay Area bands ever. If the result ends up being perhaps the best pure old school thrash metal album for the past 10 years?

I think not - 'The Crusade' is a refreshing and awesome metal album, which I consider a very strong contender for Album of the Year. An album that fans of good old school thrash metal will cherish and worship, just like we did back in the days...

'The Crusade' is packed with striking metal music; from the first seconds of "Ignition" to the last seconds of the brilliant instrumental title track. One highlight chases another and Trivium takes no prisoners on their quest for metal domination. My favorite stops on the album are: "Ignition", "Detonation", "Unrepentant", "And Sadness will sear", "Tread the Floods" and the title track. But there really isn't a song that falls short - almost an hour of pure listening pleasure... divided into 13 awesome metal tunes.

I have been listening to this album intensively for the past week now, and I simply love everything about it, and can only recommend it to everyone, whose heart bleeds for metal.