Treat – Ghost of Graceland

Treat was one of the premier Swedish melodic rock bands from 1985 to 1992, then they disappeared only to resurface again in 2010 with their comeback album “Coup de Grâce”. Afterwards they toured intensely before once more to go into hiding… Now some six years later they are ready to unleash yet another melodic rock album unto the masses.

Fans of the Swedish hard rock scene know exactly what to expect, and Treat delivers… Which happens to be both this albums strong suit as well as it’s downside. This is a very solid piece of melodic rock, and you will get all the trademarks, bits and pieces, which makes the scene so special, but at the same time somewhat predictable and stale.

Treat is going back to their roots on “Ghost of Graceland” and it serves them well to show their true colours. The album captures the essence of Swedish melodic rock; the sound is very easily recognisable, the hooks are razor sharp and the choruses are very catchy, the Swedish way.

Staying within the safe confines turns out to be a wise choice, because this album contains some the best songs from Treat ever. But you won’t find anything that sticks out, no this is Swedish melodic rock all the way, for better and for worse.

Best moments: “Ghost of Graceland”, “I Don’t Miss the Misery”, “Inferno”, “Alien Earthling” and “Together Alone”.


  1. Ghost of Graceland
  2. I Don’t Miss the Misery
  3. Better the Devil You Know
  4. Do Your Own Stunts
  5. Endangered
  6. Inferno
  7. Alien Earthling
  8. Nonstop Madness
  9. Too Late to Die Young
  10. House on Fire
  11. Together Alone
  12. Everything to Everyone

Playing Time: 53:24

Release date: April 15, 2016

Label: Frontiers Music SrL

Website: Treat @ Facebook

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