10,000 Days

Release date: April 28th 2006
Sony BMG
Progressive Metal

Rating: 85/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: May 10th 2006

Is it possible to write something that hasn't been said about Tool before? Not so sure, because Tool is one of a very few absolutely unique metal bands on this planet!

The Tool experience begins even before you can get anywhere near the music - once more the booklet is a big FUCK YOU to piracy and copy-cats! COOL!

Second best selling progressive metal band in the World - only second to Rush - has created their own niche in the metal community with their rather unique style. Tool is one of those bands you either hate or love, there's no middle ground with them.

"10,000 Days" is just like their pervious albums a very big challenge for us - the listeners. Their soundscapes, musical patterns and general sound is absolutely not for everybody, and once more they are pushing the limits of their style even further.

This is by far the Tool album I've had the least problems with, but it's not an easy listening experience at all... and they do still create parts, which leaves me thinking: "What?" – Way too spacey for my likings.

Tool is still an intense, complex and very tight unit - only using 4 instruments - bass, guitars, drums and vocals - to create the basic soundscapes. Sure they do still drift off to more industrial sounds using keyboards and sound effects - but basically it's the excellent rhythm section of Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor that creates the fundamentals, and combined with the excellent guitar play by Adam Jones and the vocals of Maynard James Keenan, they have once more created an musical joyride into their very special universe.

To compliment the Tool universe of music is a crystal clear production that emphasizes the outstanding performance by Justin on this album; some the bass-lines on this album makes you drop your jaw - simply magnificent!

If you loved the other Tool albums, then I am sure you'll love this one as well - in due time - and if you are up for a big musically challenge, then I suggest you’d give this one a shot.