Tomorrow's Eve
Mirror of Creation 2 - Genesis II

Release date: September 22nd 2006
Lion Music
Provided by: Lion Music
Progressive Metal

Rating: 84/100
Cover artwork rating:

Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
September 11th 2006

Tomorrow's Eve's debut album "The Unexpected World" was a rather mediocre release, which made me loose interest in them, so I haven't heard 'Mirror of Creation', which was released in 2003. So it was almost with a clean slate I put this album in my CD-player - and this is actually a lot better than expected!

Classical progressive metal, with nice touches of new era Fates Warning, and a lot of Swedish influences; Andromeda and Evergrey are the 2 of the bands that comes to mind when listening to this album.

Highlights include the 17 minutes long epic album closer: "The Trials of Man" where Tomorrow's Eve really shows their full capacity, but also songs like "Distant Murmurs", "The Eve Suite" - another epic lasting 9 minutes. A nice touch is the inclusion of Jenny Klos on "Not from this World"; her voice brings a nice contrast to Martin LeMar, who by the way does a very good job on this album - take a listen to the "Eye for an Eye" - where his voice is damn close to Tom Englund's (Evergrey).

I have to compliment the cover artwork - stunning work done by C.A. Beckston.

A very nice surprise from these 5 Germans, do check this good album out if you like me to like your music hard, heavy and progressive...

Recommended tracks: See above.