Tokyo Motor Fist – Tokyo Motor Fist

When two hard rock dinosaurs like Tod Poley (Vocals, Danger Danger) and Steve Brown (Guitars, Trixter) get together to record an album, it’s really no surprise that the result is first class 80s inspired hard rock, not that remote from their main bands.

To make things even more interesting, they’ve invited Greg Smith (Bass, Rainbow, Alice Cooper etc.) and Chuck Burgi (Drums, Rainbow, Blue Öyster Cult etc.) to lay the foundations for eleven well-written and executed hard rock songs.

So, if you are into guitar driven hard rock, with a first class vocalist and catchy pompous songs, I see no way around this little gem, because you will be getting eleven strong songs. Please look past the strange band name, I have no idea why they chose that name!

Best moments: ‘Pickin’ Up the Pieces,’ ‘Shameless,’ and ‘You’re My Revolution.’


  1. Pickin’ Up the Pieces (3:44)
  2. Love Me Insane (3:50)
  3. Shameless (3:22)
  4. Love (3:29)
  5. Black and Blue (3:39)
  6. You’re My Revolution (3:05)
  7. Don’t Let Me Go (4:10)
  8. Put Me to Shame (4:22)
  9. Done to Me (3:48)
  10. Get You Off My Mind (4:33)
  11. Fallin’ Apart (3:28)

Playing Time: 41:54

Release date: February 24, 2017

Label: Frontiers Music S.r.l.

Website: Ted Poley @ Facebook

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