Titanium Black
Bleed for you

Release date: March 2004
Great Dane Records
Heavy Metal

Rating: 95/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
July 8th 2006

Sometimes you simply get blown away by sheer brilliance, and this is one of those cases, because this unsigned band from up-state New York has delivered one impressive metal album. The album has been out since March 2004, and I have trouble understanding why they haven't been picked up by some record label in the 2 years that has passed, because this album sweat and bleeds metal!

The band has done everything in their power to make this album successful; starting with 14 brilliant songs, an excellent production done by none other than Michael Wagener, the album has even been mixed in 5.1 (as well as in stereo) and the art work is nice and fits the music.

Just put on the disc, turn up the volume and be blown away from the word go! Opener "Cracks of Light" sets the pace with its emotional and brilliant vocals from Terry Michael LeRoi, the music takes us back to a band like Queensr˙che - classic heavy metal with a few progressive influences. One highlight chases another on this outstanding album; "Quite a Machine" with it's more modern sound or the brilliant piano driven power ballad "Perfect Love". And this is just within the first 4 songs on the album!

And they keep the same high standard throughout the entire album giving us the listener an emotional roller-coaster ride through the inner universe of Mr. LeRoi. The music as well as the lyrics is heartfelt, emotional, powerful and dramatic!

But what set this album apart from so many others are the excellent vocals from Terry LeRoi, who has one of the best metal voices I've heard in this young millennium! He doesn't have to hide from anyone, his delivery and range is stunning - he is up there with guys like Rob Halford, Geoff Tate and Miljenko Matijevic (if anyone remembers him?)!

I must admit that I adore this album, and can't stop listening to the entire album over and over... This album possesses everything I am looking for in an album, and I really, really wish some label would pick them up sooner rather than later...

Do check this great up-coming band out (4 songs are available on their Myspace site), and support them by getting this brilliant piece of metal now!

Recommended: Buy the album!