Time Requiem
Optical Illusion

Release date: April 24th 2006
Label: Regain Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Progressive Neo-classical Metal

Rating: 79/100
Cover artwork rating: 60/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: April 15th 2006

Third album from TIME REQUIEM and mastermind Richard Andersson.

I must admit that I’m somewhere between heaven and hell when it comes to this album. I have been listening to “Optical Illusion” for about two weeks now, and in my opinion it doesn’t reach the heights of the first two albums. Not that I’m totally disappointed with “Optical Illusion” because it’s a very well crafted album, no doubt about that, but I have a few small problems with it.

The first one is singer Göran Edman… I’m not a huge fan of his voice but he is doing an okay job but his singing annoys me a little. The next problem is that I miss more catchy songs. 8 tracks and only one of them are magnificent. I’m talking about “Sphere of Fantasy” - great track. This track is more in the same vein as what Richard Andersson is creating in SPACE ODYSSEY. The rest of the songs are okay and good, but I miss a few more hammer tracks.

Since Richard Andersson has always been interested in film music and the way they build up the special movements, just like the classical masters; the music could best be described as Neo – Progressive film – musical Metal and everything was recorded, mixed and mastered in Richards Lipton studio.  It took only two months to complete the eight songs and Richard Andersson had Göran Edmans voice in mind the whole process through.

Maybe my expectations were too high? It is still a good album... however I find the first two ones a tad better.

The cover artwork idea was developed by Richard Andersson in collaboration with art director Mattias Noren at Progart Media in Sweden.