The Gathering

Release date: April 18th 2006
Label: Sanctuary Records
Target (Denmark)

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Rating: 88/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 27th 2006

People, who has been following The Gathering ever since their early days knows, that you have to expect the unexpected from them. And with "Home" their 9th album, they once more push the boundaries beyond my wildest expectations.

This is an hour long bombardment of the mind, hypnotising and soothing collages of sounds. Multiple layers of sounds supporting the outstanding vocal performance from Anneke van Giersbergen, who on this album has a lot more in common with singer/songwriters like Björg or Tori Amos vocally.

Totally avoiding any kind of trends, respect is due for not calculating commerce. This album is not trying to reach any specific market segment, yet alone almost impossible to put into a category or use a commercial description that fits the mould.

Staying true to their beliefs, this is an inner journey for the soul, creating art for the listener. Music for the mind, translating images into sounds. Avoiding the safe road, this album is surely one of those you either love or hate...

Don't expect to put this album on and be blown away by metal sounds; this album is very far away from any kind of metal. Expect a musical roller-coaster ride of atmospheric sounds that will either capture you or throw you off... just like life itself!

This album is addictive - this attack of the senses will get under you skin and stay there for a long time... It's not a millennium album, I do miss some heavier parts... but I'll stop trying to explain this unique album. All I will say is do keep an open mind and be ready for the unprecedented, when you listen to this album!