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The thing about reviewing music, even if it’s just a hobby, is that you’re exposed to so much of it. This site receives so many releases every week, both from labels, promotional companies and bands themselves. We receive somewhere in the area of 80 review requests per week. 30 of them I immediately delete. We like to be open to new stuff, but we are above and beyond all a metal site, not a punk, rock, ska, hardcore or whatever site. I can’t say that we don’t do the occasional review of a blues rock or grunge or hard rock album, especially is they are Deep Purple, Whitesnake or the like, but the majority goes in the bin.

One expection to the rule is The Treatment’s new album, ‘Generation Me’. I received it in the post without the usual promotional letter. The cover pointed in the direction of a thrash band. The band picture pointed in the direction of a hardcore or nu-punk band. I gave the disc a chance on the way to work one morning. I loved it.

‘Generation Me’ is neither thrash, nor punk. It’s melodic hard rock. And a damned catchy version, too!

It’s more AC/DC than metal, but it’s slightly more pumped up and generally more energetic than AC/DC. I can’t claim that this is musically special or new in any way, but their sound simply has something that appeals to my rock’n’roll heart. Very, very few newer bands have managed to accomplish that. The Treatment have that certain something that is hard to define, but which is often what wins you over in a world where a zillion bands play really well and send out everything they record on their computers. The stardom seed? The secret ingredient of great music? I dunno, but they sound great and in no way like the average Joe Bobs we receive so much music from.

A big part of the explanation for this should be found in the voice of new vocalist Mitchel Emms. He reminds me partly of Jason McMaster (Dangerous Toys) and partly of Brad Divens who used to sing in Wrathchild America (if you haven’t already done so, check out ‘Climbin’ the Walls’, one of the best metal albums to come out of the late 80s!). Excellent voice.

In a rock mood? Get The Treatment from these five Brits. I like it.

Track listing:
01. Let It Begin
02. The Devil
03. Tell Us The Truth
04. Generation Me
05. Backseat Heartbeat
06. Cry Tough
07. We Are Beautiful
08. I Know She Knows
09. Bloodsucker
10. Better Think Again
11. Light The Sun

Playing time: 47 minutes

Release date: 18th of March, 2016

Label: Frontiers

Website: The Treatment @facebook

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