The Resistance – Coup De Grace


When former members of In Flames, Grave and The Haunted form a unit and begin to make music, there is a certain amount of expectation involved. Indeed, my expectations ran fairly high when I received the The Resistance debut EP ‘Rise and Treason’ shortly before its release in 2013. I was deeply disappointed. There was no trace of melodic death metal. It was hardcore and metalcore in a not-at-all original mix.

Three months on, I received the debut album in the post. Not being too keen on actually giving it a chance, I ended up doing so, and, lo and behold! the band had reshaped their sound into a much, much more interesting mix of death’n’roll and hardcore. That was a bit of a relief, there.

Thankfully, the Swedes have stuck with this recipe since then. There’s no reinvention of any genres here, there’s no revolution of metal music as we know it. This is plain, basic and brutal death’n’roll, resting firmly on the shoulders of a great heritage of Swedish 90s death metal. Yes, that’s right, it has yet again been proved that Entombed haven’t lived in vain.

Although much of the album could be discarded as pure repetition of the past by cynics, it is hard to deny that songs like Deathblow, Resolution, For the Venom and It All Came Down have ‘solid’ written all over them and ought to secure more than a few cases of severe whiplash out there.

For fans of the old school. Very metal. Have a listen.

1. Death March
2. I Welcome Death
3. Smallest Creep
4. Violator
5. Felony
6. Death Blow
7. Resolution
8. World Order
9. Enslavement
10. Art Of Murder
11. For The Venom
12. The Drowning
13. As It All Came Down

Playing time: 36 minutes

Release date: 22nd of January, 2016

Label: earMusic


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