The Mute Gods – Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me



Behind the rather strange band name The Mute Gods hides none other than Nick Beggs. A well known and established name in prog rock for his contribution to projects like Fish On Friday, Lifesigns and Lonely Robot, as well his involvement in Steven Wilson’s solo band and touring with Steve Hackett and Rick Wakemann.

He has written the songs whilst on tour with Steven Wilson and Steve Hackett, and it really comes as no surprise that the material leans heavily towards the newer British prog rock scene. Helping him out on this album are Marco Minnemann (Drums) and Roger King (Keyboards), and Nick Beggs handles bass and vocals himself.

And “Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me” never really explores and takes off… no this is a smooth and gentle ride with no real extraordinary moments. Actually I feel a bit disappointed because of the unfulfilled potential this band possesses. I do like the album and might have had too high expectations.

A solid release never-the-less, and one fans of the above mention bands and artists shouldn’t miss out on.  You can’t put a finger on the deliverance and production, it’s just that I miss the songs that stick in your head, the ones you want to go back to over and over…

So put on your headphones and dive into the introvert journey they take us on because there’s plenty to take in…


  1. Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
  2. Praying To A Mute God
  3. Nightschool For Idiots
  4. Feed The Troll
  5. Your Dark Ideas
  6. Last Man On Earth
  7. In The Crosshairs
  8. Strange Relationship
  9. Swimming Horses
  10. Mavro Capelo
  11. Father Daughter

Playing Time: 59:50

Release date: January 22, 2016

Label: InsideOut Music


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