The Long Escape – The Warning Signal

The Long Escape - The Warning Signal

This is a really nice album. When I say nice, I mean exactly that. It’s nice in the sense that everything these Frenchmen do is right. In the modern, proggy and somewhat over-produced sense of the word. They got the production right – crisp and clean, the songs are well-crafted. The clean vocals sound good and there’s a bit of grunting as well, which more than often keeps me happy. There’s a fine balance between pop, rock and aggression, good variation across the album, and generally a lot on offer from Parisians The Long Escape.

Sometimes I’m thinking that this has a lot to do with Sonic Syndicate, however in a slightly softer version, other times I think that there is a strange connection to King’s X, both in terms of phrasing and some of the riffing. No matter how strange that sounds, it works for me.

No, this is not going to work for you grindcore purists out there, but then again, what is? For those of you who like music that moves and aren’t too concerned about the label we stick on it, try to listen to songs like “The Search” with its amazing bass intro and the cool beat of a song like “Slave”. First class, methinks, first class.


01. The noise
02. Seas of wasted men
03. Awakened ones
04. Million screens
05. Digital misery
06. Carnival of deadly sins
07. Crashdown
08. The search
09. Homo weirdiculus
10. Slave
11. World going down
12. The last crying man

Playing time: 47 minutes

Release date: 11th of May, 2015

Label: None


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