The Answer – Rise (10th Anniversary)

The Answer made quite a stir when this album was originally released in 2006, and rightfully so because this was one of the first of many albums to follow that went back to the roots of classic rock in a new and updated wrapping.

So many bands swears to the roots of the 70s these days, and it’s become really hard to pick them apart, but before that movement began to grow, a few stayed true to the sounds of bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake or Deep Purple and one the first was The Answer.

Hard rock and blues rock with a dirty and down-to-earth sound that just fits a party like a hand in a glove is what they offer on this album, their debut album by the way. Back then I though the album was a solid piece of hard rock and the new updated sound hasn’t changed my views in any way.

Still my favourite release by The Answer, and absolutely worth checking out if you are into classic rock and hard rock. (The second disc is a nice addition, which will most likely only interest hardcore fans).


Best moments: “Under the Sky”, “Be What You Want”, “Into the Gutter” and “Always”.


CD1 (all songs remastered 2016):

  1. Under the Sky
  2. Never Too Late
  3. Come Follow Me
  4. Be What You Want
  5. Memphis Water
  6. No Question Asked
  7. Into the Gutter
  8. Sometimes Your Love
  9. Leavin’ Today
  10. Preachin’
  11. Always


  1. Under the Sky (2016 new mix)
  2. Never Too Late (2004 demo)
  3. New Day Rising (2004 demo)
  4. Too Far Gone (2004 demo)
  5. Preachin’ (2004 demo)
  6. Always (2004 demo)
  7. Tonight (2004 demo)
  8. So Cold (2004 demo)
  9. Song for the People (2004 demo)
  10. Take It Easy (2006 recording)
  11. Not Listening (2006 recording, exclusive mix)
  12. Keep Believin’ (2006 recording)
  13. Rise (2006 recording)

Playing Time: 49:17 + 56:25

Release date: June 17, 2016

Label: Steamhammer/SPV


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