The Algorithm – Brute Force

In this modern age of technology and much advancement in this field, you never know what gadget or device will come into play next. It’s the same logic when it comes to finding new music; you have Spotify, Deezer and YouTube to find your newest music collection. It has come into creating music too; the latest band to show us this is French outfit The Algorithm with their latest album ‘Brute Force’, a more than appropriate name.

Many critics of music created on a computer can argue that it’s not authentic or real which is what rock and metal are best known for. Yes some of the sounds aren’t real, they are created but that doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t sound good as The Algorithm prove.

With its futuristic sounds and beats it does remind the listener of a distant future portrayed in a Sci-Fi blockbuster. Its industrial beats, brutal sounds and impeccable guitar work it’s safe to say this band will do more than turn a few heads. Each track has sheer force that will make listeners stop in their tracks and immerse into this alternate reality.

This French duo shows us that you can create an immersive sounding record that transports you into a different dimension with the use of computers as opposed to authentic instruments. It’s something that not everyone will agree with but the great thing about this industry is that these kind of topics that can be discussed openly.


01. Boot

02. Floating Point

03. Pointers

04. Brute Force

05. Userspace

06. Shellcode

07. Hex

08. Deadlock feat. Igorrr

09. Rootkit

10. Trojans (hard mode)

Playing time:  46:00

Label:  FiXT Music

Website:  The Algorithm Official Website

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