Tears of Anger
In the Shadows

Release date: February 27th 2005
Label: Lion Music
Provided by:
Lion Music
Progressive Metal

Rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: January 18th 2006

Behind this rather strange brew is 2 Swedish brothers; Benny and Björn Jansson on guitars and vocals respectively, Daniel Flores (Mind's Eye) on drums and Johan Niemann (Mind's Eye & Therion) on bass completes the band.

Tears of Anger is a very dark and atmospheric blend of melody, progressive tunes and heavy songs, which at first sounded a bit strange to me... But I gave it a few spins, and it slowly opened up, and this album is quite interesting, if you give it time.

Not the entire album is hard to get into, a song like the semi-ballad: "Sell My Soul" is very straight forward, not in a negative manner at all, it's actually one my favourites on the album. When I write heavy, then I mean heavy as shit - take listen to a song like "Scene of the Crime" - cool atmospheric song. And then there's the songs that nicely combines melody with heavy tunes: "In the Shadows", "Spirit Running Free" and "Light up my Fuse".
Sadly there's also a total failure: "How Will I Live" - just bad. Actually I think the songs fade out a bit at the end, and the last 4 songs don't reach the same level as the others.

I must admit, that with a clean sheet going into this adventure, I've been pleasantly surprised by Tears of Anger. This is a good album that I am sure will get its deserved spins in my player in the time to come...

Recommended: "In the Shadows", "Spirit Running Free", "I Hate You" & "Sell My Soul".

Post Script:
This is something that rarely happens... I wrote the review after 5 or 6 spins in my CD-player, and then I decided to give it another shot, because I felt it had a lot of potential... DAMN glad I did, because now I can't stop listening to it.

So now I just adore this album, I still feel "How Will I Live" is the worst song on the album, but the rest is killer stuff! I had to bump my initial rating up from 75 to 90. Outstanding album - get it now... It just shows I was too fast to pass judgement on this album.

Kenn, January 21st 2006.