Tales Of The Tomb – Volume One: Morpras


The first release of this Canadian band is a 3-track EP. With lyrics inspired from the pulp-and-grim of throwback horror comics you can expect some nasty music. The sandpapered vocals of Connor Adams barks everything together, accompanied by some blast beating music.

Personally, I don’t hear a lot of new elements in their music and it could have been more extreme if you ask me. The band also adds some melody in Swedish style and sometimes Carcass influences appear. The three songs are over before you know it. It isn’t boring, but I think that when they released an entire album with twelve songs, it would be too much.


01. Snowtown
02. The Pig Farmer
03. Dr. Death

Playing time: 10:00

Release date: 27 November, 2015

Label: Independent

Website: www.talesofthetomb.com

Reinier de Vries
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