Sworn Enemy
The Beginning of the End

Release date: May 2nd 2006
Label: Century Media
EMI (Denmark)
Website: www.swornenemynyc.com


Rating: 85/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 5th 2006

Sworn Enemy was formed in Queens, NY in late 1997 and this is their second album. The first one is called “As Real as it Gets” (2003).

I can’t exactly say that Hardcore is my strongest side, but this album is a very pleasant surprise. 11 tracks of a perfect mix of Hardcore and Thrash Metal that could blow your mind!

I’m sure Sworn Enemy really manages to please both Hardcore and Thrash fans here, and I’m very honest when I claim that this is the best Hardcore/Thrash metal release ever… at least in my opinion.

My mind drifts away and into the music and you are beaten up right from the start. Razor sharp riffs, skilful tempo changes, angry vocals backed up by great drumming. Just combine a hardcore band with Slayer and you have an idea what I’m talking about here.

I’m very positively surprised by this album… I really didn’t think Hardcore/Thrash could sound so great. This album Rocks, boys and girls!!! To name any standout tracks is very hard, because they are all very good, but maybe my favourite tracks are; “The Beginning of the End”, “We Hate” and “Here Today”!

This album comes with a good production and if you are into this kind of music I suggest that you should check out this album when it hit the stores.