Stuck Mojo – Here Come The Infidels

For me, this is yet another example of the old boys showing the younger generations of bands how to land an album. With ‘Here Come The Infidels’, Stuck Mojo, a band who I sense have been highly underrated in recent years, have released a fantastic crossover/rap metal album, the band’s seventh release since 1995.

The core of Stuck Mojo is guitarist Rich Ward, who co-founded the band in 1989. Drummer has also paid his dues in Stuck Mojo, serving from 1996 – 2004, and again from 2009 until now. Brand new members are bass player Len Sonnier and vocalist Robby J. The latter proves to be a great addition to the team. He does a marvellous job with his dynamic and powerful voice.

For those of you who are wondering why I’m so excited about this band, you have to understand that I remember a time before Rage Against The Machine, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park. Anthrax broke some ground between rap and metal with I’m the Man, Aerosmith as well with Run DMC (Walk This Way). Beastie Boys invited Kerry King along on their ‘Licensed To Ill’ album, and Mucky Pup also touched base with something that somehow had a connection with rap. But this band from Atlanta, Stuck Mojo, they really explored the possibilities of combining pumped up metal and rap. I thought it was great. ‘Snappin’ Necks’, the band’s debut from 1995, was a wonderful piece of music. I’ve had the good fortune of seeing them live a couple of times over the years too. These people kick arse on stage.

‘Here Come The Infidels’ has a nineties feel to it, and in the case of Stuck Mojo, it seems very fitting. Andy Sneap has been tweaking the knobs, so things are in place. Soundwise, the album is crisp, yet with a heaviness and warmth. There is room for the melodic choruses as well as the rip and tear of Ward’s powerful riffing. This is rap, yes, but the basis for everything is a guitar, a bass, drums, a voice plus backing vocals. It’s completely basic, also in terms of composition. It’s got groove, it’s got melody, it’s got catchiness, and honestly, even if the topics of Stuck Mojo’s songs are serious enough, they make me want to bounce around the living room. And how can a chorus including the words ‘I aaaaam Charles Bronson’ not captivate you? Eh? I’m convinced.

A big welcome back to Stuck Mojo!

Track listing:
01.  Here Come The Infidels
02. Rape Whistle
03. Charles Bronson
04. The Business of Hate
05. Verbal Combat
06. Destroyer
07. Worst Person On Earth
08. Fire Me
09. I Am Legion
10. Tamborine
11. Blasphem

Playing time: 41 minutes

Release date: 1st of July, 2016

Label: Stuck Mojo Music

Website: The album can be downloaded for free here before you buy the CD:

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