Release date: January 2nd 2006
Label: Sensory Records
Provided by:
IntroMental Management
Distributed by: Target (Denmark)

Progressive Metal

Rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: January
29th 2006

In their home state of Texas Stride has gained a great reputation as a great live band, and they made a successful performance at ProgPower VI in Atlanta in 2005. So are they able to capture their great live performances onto an album?

This is btw. not Stride's first album - their first album from 2001 "Music Machine" was an instrumental effort. But things have changed a bit, and on this album their rather strange mix of AOR and progressive metal comes alive with the addition of vocalist Gary Belin.

To answer my own question: Yes, they've managed to deliver a solid effort: 9 good songs, that I think should appeal to fans of melodic prog metal fans. Fine guitar licks and riffs, nicely combined with a solid rhythm section and Gary's polished voice, makes this album very pleasurable.

It's almost a given, when the artwork has been done by Mattias Norén - -, but I simply has to compliment him on the work here - outstanding.