Ray Wilson / Stiltskin

Release date: October 9th 2006
InsideOut Music
Target (Denmark)


Rating: --/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
October 31st 2006

Ray Wilson is probably mostly known as the vocalist, who replaced Phil Collins in the super-group Genesis. But some of you might also remember him as the main character in Stiltskin back in the mid-90's, where they landed a number one hit single with "Inside" in 1994. "Inside" was off course also used in a Levi's commercial and their album 'The Mind's Eye' made the Top 10.

Now more than a decade after they split up, Ray Wilson and Stiltskin is back with a brand new rock album. You might have stumbled across their first single "Lemon Yellow Sun" on the airwaves...

I have decided not to rate this album, because this has absolutely nothing to do with the usual music we review here on this site. But that doesn't mean that this is god-awful bad album - it's actually a quite enjoyable rock album with plenty of high quality rock songs like the first single, the very strong opener: "Fly High", the grungy "Taking Time", which uses the same sequence from 'Revelation Ch. XIII' as Iron Maiden does on "Number of the Beast" - here it ends the song or "Fame" with it's very ironic lyrics.

I can only recommend this one to readers, who occasionally do pick up a "normal" rock album and listen to it with pleasure. If you do like rock music, then I suggest you'd look into this great album, because it has clearly left a very positive mark on me...