Spawn of Possession

Release date: May 31st 2006
Neurotic Records
VME ( Denmark )

Technical Death Metal

Rating: 83/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
November 5th 2006

Spawn of Possession was formed in 1997 and I’m sitting here with their second full-length album, titled “Noctambulant”. My expectations to this band from Sweden’s second album was very high, because I’m a sucker for this kind of music… namely Technical Death Metal.

Bands like Psycroptic and Necrophagist, among others comes to mind when I listen to “Noctambulant”. I must admit that it took a while before I was really hooked, here. Music like this takes some time before it sinks in, but don’t give up on it if you find it too complex at first.

There are “millions” of riffs to be found on this album. Quirky, technical, and well thought-out riffs so once again; -Give it the time it needs to “blossom” because it could very well sound very chaotic at first. But once the music starts to sink in, you’re in for a real treat of Brutal Technical Death Metal... powerful enough to make your rectum collapse.

The instruments are all well executed with memorable moments where the band created greatly blended interchanging sections of brutality and melody… very complex music, however still memorable.

Every track follows the same Technical Death Metal formula, but you don't know where and when they will insert their wacky notes. No doubt that they are talented musicians and I’m sure that their third album could be even better.

I have only one small complaint; The production could have been a tad better in my opinion. I could have wished for a more brutal, powerful and crystal clear production... but don’t worry the production doesn’t suck big time. But maybe I’m a tad spoiled?

“Noctambulant” will bring much pleasure to fans of Spawn of Possession and fans of Technical Death Metal in general, I’m sure.  

Recommended tracks: “Lash By Lash”, “By a Thousand Deaths Fulfilled” and “In My Own Greed”.