Space Odyssey
Tears of the Sun

Release date: November 27th 2006
Regain Records
Target (Denmark)

Hard Rock/Melodic Metal

Rating: 66/100
Cover artwork:
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
December 19th 2006

This 3rd album from Richard Anderssons Space Odyssey titled “Tears of the Sun” has left me a little disappointed. First of all because this time Richard Andersson wanted a very down to basic record with no progressive touch at all.

The first two releases from Space Odyssey contains catchy Neo-classical Metal with a progressive edge but this time the music and the sound is more in the same vein of bands like, Whitesnake, Rainbow, and Black Sabbath (Tony Martin era).

And then, because the huge and memorable choruses we got on the first two albums is gone. – The songs are okay, but not exactly very memorable. And I do think that the music is a little too close the above mentioned bands… just take a listen to “Obsession” and if you tell me that it doesn’t sound like “Anno Mundi” from the “Tyr” album from Black Sabbath… you are a big fat liar :) I could go on… a song is sooo much Whitesnake that it makes me puke.

On the good side I can say that the new singer David Fremberg (Andromeda) is doing a great job… and I really do like the first track “The Bohemian Werewolf” very much.

The production is very good and so is the cover artwork; however I’m still a bit disappointed with the music.

Let’s see what direction Richard Andersson chooses for the next Space Odyssey album.