Souls of Tide – She’s Dead (Single)

Norwegian Rock? I am not even sure whether that is even a term, but in a way it is just as good as any other because the song defies the more commonly accepted yet still blurry genre boarder between Rock and Metal. To explain: The guitar and drum parts are definitely heavier than what one would expect from a regular rock song, but there are also parts that are considerably softer than anything that what you would expect from a regular Metal song. The riffs and the way how they are used are just as reminiscent of “real” Heavy Metal as the guitar solo, for instance, while the softer vocal parts fit more to a rock song. Then there is also the keyboarder who does his share to ad a nice 70s touch to the song. And yes: Nice! The keyboard might be a tricky instrument for Heavy Metal, but it works just fine here.

I have no idea what to expect from a full length album from Souls of Tide, but their single “She’s Dead” sounds promising. Metalheads who prefer to stick to the more extreme genres are obviously well advised to stay away from this song, but I do believe that the song holds a certain appeal for many other fans. 7 devils!

Track list:

She’s Dead

Playing time:  4:31

Release date (single): 27 May, 2016

Release date (album: Join the Circus): 26 August, 2016

Label: Mighty Music

Website:  Souls of Tide (Facebook)

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