Secrets of the Moon

Release date: September 15th 2006
Lupus Lounge
Provided by: Prophecy Productions

Black Metal

Rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Nadja Valcaccia
Date: October 18th 2006

Formed in Osnabrück, Germany, Secrets of the Moon is an intense black metal band. After releasing two demo’s and a full-length cd called Carved in Stigmata Wounds it’s time for their new album 'Antithesis' which was on the 15th September of this year. Beyond the menacing intro of opening title track "Nowhere" Secrets of the Moon present eight tracks of non-compromising, straight forward, extreme metal with some occasionally some atmospheric melodic guitar parts. The Exhibitions EP is my first encounter with this German black metal band, it is difficult to weigh up my thoughts on Secrets of the Moon’s hierarchy of black metal, but going off personal taste this band is one of the best around.

Secrets of the Moon have the extraordinary ability to instil certain emotions with their sneering, slithering, yet vigorous take on metal. SOTM share some attributes with many of the US’s one man bands such as nervous paranoid feelings, but separates with more progressive death metal elements.

“Versus” is a more standard track that mixes death metal percussive plod and blackened vigor and “Ordinance” and “Seraphim is Dead” are arguably the albums most ‘black’ metal sounding even with their various tangents and experimental elements which are fully embedded in the nearly nine minute, dread inducing closer “Lucifer Speaks”.

No where is this more predominant on the meandering “Confessions” which has a Morose Angel-ish crawl and neck hair raising chord progression, and the Morbid Angel vibe arises for the lurching “Metamorphoses” and “Ghost”, two more ceremoniously unwieldy tracks that show SOTM refuse to be stereotyped.

The tracks on this album are long, developed and evil not relying on screams, squeals or other black metal gimmicks, all you get is twisted, distorted riffage and inspiring song writing . The production is top notch and every song is like a journey taking you through an intense voyage through the album. If you like black metal then purchase this album, Secrets of the Moon have committed every thought and deed to this pure magic. With their new, powerful release 'Antithesis', SECRETS OF THE MOON have multiplied all these strengths. Satan would own this album. So,hornz up!