Sons Of Sounds – In the Circle Of the Universe

My first 2017 review is from a 2016 release of a German band formed by 3 brothers.  I received  quite a few hardcopies from one of my colleague PoM writers. The lot of the disks are releases from the label Fast Ball Records. There are some amongst them worth reviewing, some others are just not my taste or are just a waste to spend my precious time on. This third album already released before the Summer of 2016 is one that isn’t bad. Sure, it is not a real hammer, therefore it is just not good enough. The standard nowadays is very high and they just don’t perform yet on that same high level.

The style is rather eighties sounding hardrock/metal with power metal influences, a kind of dark dramatic edge and some progressive touches. The vocalist has a little German accent, which is at times a little annoying, but if you can listen through that he is an o.k. singer. His singing sounds rather dramatic at times, but that has to do with the concept story. The build up and the singing style in “The Change” remind a bit of Kingdom Come. My personal favorite is “Rock’ N Roll” Monster because of the nice riff. Next “Ikana” is a slower starting threatening dark epic song which fastens up half way into a faster power metal piece. The lyrics form a concept and the music sticks to the lyrics. Sometimes the songs are a little too long and maybe there are a few too many softer parts, but that can just be my personal issue.

They lost me a bit halfway the album, but nevertheless I advice you to check them out because otherwise you might miss something.


01. Magic
02. The Machinery
03. The Change
04. Exousia
05. Movie Of My Life
06. Rock’N Roll Monster
07. Ikana (New Awareness)
08. Destiny
09. From Stone To Dime
10. Children Of the Light
11. Thriteen Crystal Skulls
12. My Star
13. Sirius & Mars


Playing time: 74:00

Release date: 13 May 2016

Label: Fast Ball Records


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