Sonic Syndicate
Eden Fire

Release date: September 15th 2005
Label: Pivotal Rockordings
Provided by: Pivotal Rockordings

Modern Thrash Metal /Melo-Death

Rating: 65/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: January 13th 2006

After a garage demo, and two self released EPs Sonic Syndicate is now ready to attack the World with their debut album “Eden Fire”.  Sonic Syndicate may be comprised of very young members, with guitarist Robin clocking in at only 17 years of age as the youngest, and guitarist Roger clocking in at 22 as the oldest but Sonic Syndicate sounds very mature and experienced and with a great production this album will be received with open arms by many Metal fans out there. I’m sure about that.

“Eden Fire” is comprised of ten tracks broken down into three different segments. The praise for the band’s previous two EPs “Black Lotus” and “Extinction” was so high that the band felt it necessary to include the works on their debut album so all the masses could get a chance to hear the material, since the EPs are now out of print. They re-recorded the songs from the EPs along with three brand new tracks and here is the final result.

In my opinion this album opens with the best track of them all, “Jailbreak” with its great drumming, powerful riffs and a very memorable chorus… and then this album somehow die a bit. The rest of the songs are okay but nothing really stands out in my opinion. Some songs are fast, some are not, some have a few slow downs in the rhythms, but they all sound very similar… at least to me. Don’t get me wrong here, this not a bad album however I find the songs forgettable and anonymous except for a few riffs and the first track.

If you are into Modern Heavy Metal, Thrash or Melodic Death Metal I think you should give this album a listen… maybe you are in for a positive surprise.