Release date: April 19th 2006
Label: Steamhammer


Thrash Metal

Rating: 92/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 15th 2006

One of my favourite Thrash bands SODOM is back with a brand new album simply called “Sodom”. First time I threw this album in my CD-player I was a little disappointed, but already after the second time this album was blasting out from my speakers I was hooked.

I know it’s a quite new release but it has already grown to be one of my favourite SODOM albums. This release is filled with pure first class Thrash Metal and I already consider it to be the best Thrash-release this year so far.

The variation is great here on “Sodom”, we get everything form mid tempo stompers like “Buried in the Justice Ground” and “Axis of Evil” to full throttle bone-crushing up tempo Thrash like, “”Wanted Dead”, “City of God” and “Bibles and Guns”.

It is very easy to tell the numbers apart, but to name any stand out tracks is a little hard because all of the 11 tracks there is to be found on this release, are awesome. The production is good and the songs are great… could I as a SODOM fan have wished for more?

I don’t think so! So, if you are into SODOM… go, get this album now!

Wirklich toll.