The Years of Spiritual Dissent

Release date: July 25th 2006
Label: Crash Music

TMC Nordic

Style: Shock rock

Rating: 40/100
Cover artwork: 65/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: November 25th 2006

Oh dear, when a CD booklet isnít about lyrics and endless thank you lists, one should sometimes get worried. Especially when the valuable space, as it is in the case of Society1ís fourth release, contains singer Matt Zaneís rant about the aim of the band and an explanation for why their effort is not so much about the music (I quote: ĎBut more times than not I realized our goal wasnít to make the greatest music or even play well on certain eveningsí) but rather a spiritualistic evolution and stuff Ė thatís exactly when I do get worried.  

And rightfully so.  

The package contains a music CD as well as a DVD. The music CD contains no less than 30 tracks (!), a mixture of semi-philosophical, dark and evil spoken word bits and something that at best must be described as nu-metal trivialities. One track stands out as being special. Sadly this track is a cover of Black Sabbathís Who Are You, so Society1 donít really get the credit for that, do they now?  

This is where I have to admit that I get to track 19 and then give up. Do I feel ashamed as a reviewer? Well, yes, for about two split seconds.  

The booklet pictures indicate that weíre dealing with a rather radical bunch of people who arenít holding back the masochistic side of themselves and a visit to the website confirms the suspicion. I decide to check out the DVD. Has to be more entertaining, then, hasnít it?  

What unveils is a glimpse into the story of a band that has made a name from being partly a porn circus more than anything, fronted by porn director Zane. The DVDís got tits and arse all over the place which, I suppose, isnít half bad and very rockíníroll, but I canít help thinking that this has got very little to do with metal music when it comes down to it.  

IÖjust canít take this seriously, sorry. This is a wannabe cultural phenomenon, not really good music.