Slivers of Silence – Into Glistening Waters


A long overdue review here of an EP I received many moons ago from Finland. In the accompanying letter from the band, they site their biggest influences to be Ghost Brigade, Swallow the Sun and Insomnium. Which is great. I have no clue what they sound like, but nevermind. Perhaps you know and get the reference.

What I do get is that the five Finns sound like an ambitious bunch with a nag for both doom and prog. Even if they don’t list them as sources of inspiration, Amorphis can also be heard in the harder parts of this EP, and that, of course, is not a bad thing at all. The vocals are predominantly clean, with a few outbursts of growl. The funny thing is that I can’t help thinking of Rush when Jarmo Panula sings with a clean vocal. He’s slightly out of key in a few instances, something which naturally doesn’t elevate the rating.

Slivers of Silence sounds like a band that is yet to define itself completely, but it also sounds like a band that could have the drive and artistic ambition to make a difference somewhere down the line. Not bad, but some refinement to be made still.


01. Moscow, New York
02. On a Summer’s Day
03. One of You
04. Bright Dreams
05. Into Glistening Waters

Playing time: 25 minutes

Release date: 22nd of November, 2014

Label: None


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