Christ Illusion

Release date: August 4th 2006
American Recordings
Warner Music Denmark

Thrash Metal

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August 22nd 2006

This is the album I’ve been needing from Slayer. Admittedly, it’s for the most part a step 15 years back in time, and, yes, it lends a lot to the sound of ‘Seasons in the Abyss’. But that is exactly the point; isn’t that album the epitome of the Slayer sound and greatness? The warm yet unrelenting fury of the riffs, the mixture of the merciless speed and provocation of ‘Reign in Blood’ and the mid-tempo coldness that ‘South of Heaven’ held within its cynic womb, the little details that tells you that it is Lombardo behind the kit, and finally a Tom Araya that sounds more like himself again than he has done for years. Pushed aside are now the three albums that had an overweight of fillers than actual hits, no sign of the unfortunate ‘Undisputed Attitude’, now there is an album that through and through holds all the Slayer qualities.

‘Christ Illusion’ is more relaxed, rests more comfortably in its obvious and calculated provocation of the religious segments of the American society than the past four releases, and it suits Slayer.

Apart from the last track on the CD, Supremist, Slayer presents nothing new. Said track holds a riff that doesn’t sound Slayer, but rather like a copy of something else that I can’t quite put the finger on. It matters not; after just a few spins, I’ve come to love this album to bits.

Hail Slayer!

Thomas Nielsen - 90/100

"Decade of Aggression" marks the pinnacle of Slayer's career in my book, this live album captures the pure aggression and speed of "Reign in Blood", the awesome mid-tempo and groove from "South of Heaven" and the maturity and coolness of "Seasons in the Abyss" as well as the intensity of their first 2 albums.

15 years has passed since and Slayer has finally taken a step back in time, and has created an album that easily could be the follow up to "Seasons in the Abyss". "Christ Illusion" is the album fans have hoped one of the 3 studio albums they released from 1994 to 2001 had been. Good old-school intense and tight thrash metal, it sounds and smells like Slayer and captures the high energy level of earlier days, something none of its 3 predecessors managed to do.

The guitar leads still sound awful, but the guitar riffs are killer sharp, the vocals from Tom is back to it's old self and the return of drum God Dave Lombardo is just what puts this album over the edge. The songs still sounds fresh after numerous spins, and Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman have written a bunch of controversial and provoking lyrics as expected.

The return of Dave Lombardo can only be described as a great success, and I do believe Slayer has moved in the right direction with this awesome piece of metal. Which I am sure a lot of Slayer will agree on...

Good one!

Kenn Jensen - 88/100

Slayeeeeeerrrr... – Being a huge fan of Slayer since the release of their debut album “Show No Mercy” I was of course thrilled when this brand new release called “Christ Illusion” was released. With super-drummer Dave Lombardo back in the band my expectations were very high and my hands very almost trembling when I first threw it in my CD-player.

After one listen I had mixed feelings about it but already after 2 spins I was hooked. Most of the songs are fast and aggressive and they are all - except for one - first class Slayer songs. Only “Catatonic” is not above average in my humble opinion. Somehow this track won’t get to me…but the rest is great. Especially “Consfearacy” is superb. It has already grown to be one of my favourite Slayer tracks. I just love everything about it, the drums, the guitar riffs, the vocals, the melody - just everything.

Sound wise “Christ Illusion” reminds me of “Seasons In The Abyss”, “Divine Intervention” and a tad of “God Hates Us All”. I do not see the point in writing a very long a very boring review of this album… no, and to me this is the best Slayer album since “Seasons In The Abyss” and if you’re a fan of Slayer or  Thrash Metal in general and haven’t purchased this album yet… I think you should run down to the local record store and discover this release for your self.

Good Buy :)

Peter Laursen - 92/100