Nowhere Land

Release date: September 22nd 2006
Label: Frontiers Records
Provided by: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier Amigo
Website: -
Style: Melodic Hard Rock

Rating: 90/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
August 29th 2006

Mike Slamer has been a major part of the melodic rock scene for more than 30 years, from the early days in City Boy - first album was released in 1976, thru the days together with vocalist Steve Walsh in Streets in the early 80's, a band he formed after moving to L.A. He went on to compose and produce for such bands and artists as Warrant, Fiona, House of Lords and James Christian just to name a few. Later on he was a big part of Steelhouse Lane, who released 2 great melodic rock albums: 'Metallic Blue' (1998) and 'Slaves to the New World ' (1999). After Steelhouse Lane he went on and joined ranks with his former Streets band mate Billy Greer in Seventh Key, playing on and co-writing 2 studio albums.

With 'Nowhere Land' he has finally decided to create his own band using his name to launch this attack on the melodic rock scene. Terry Brock (Strangeways, The Sign) is handling the vocals with brilliance on this awe striking album. This is a wet dream for fans of melodic rock, and is in my humble opinion the best melodic rock album since the 2 Steelhouse Lane albums and Harem Scarem's 'Weight of the World', and doesn't have to hide from genre highlights like the first Hardline album or Magnum's 'On a Storytellerís Night' - yeah it's that good!

11 excellent produced songs, great melodic choruses and choirs, brilliant guitar leads, a very tight rhythm section and Terry Brock delivers his best work to date. So what more can you ask for in a melodic rock album? Nothing really, this album possesses all the qualities needed to become a genre classic!

The songs do not stick to the 'normal' melodic formula, most the songs passes the 5 minutes mark, there's even a slight progressive and heavy edge to some the songs, but don't worry - the melody is always what comes first on this album.

I can only strongly recommend this brilliant piece of melodic rock to fans, who count the above mentioned albums among their favourites or anyone, who just want to experience the melodic rock highlight of the year!