Skeleton Pit – Chaos At The Mosh-Reactor


It’s PARTY time! If you can listen to this album without banging your head or creating a mosh pit, you must be dead. From the first until the last note, this album swings like a tit. If you want to have an example of what moshing thrash is, you can use this as a blueprint. The 35 minutes are over very soon and you’ll push the repeat button.

The riffs are nice and crunchy, the vocals aggressive and the gang shouting refrains easy to sing and shout along. The rumbling bass in every song and the heavy production finishes it all off. A lot of bands that play different genres are not able to write strong songs, but this German band can. You can compare the band with Municipal Waste and Gama Bomb if you want to know what to expect. I find this album better than the latest Gama Bomb album. If the band will be playing live nearby, I’ll certainly have to check them out. There must be a hell of a mosh pit with such contagious songs in their repertoire. The last track shows that some men stay adolescents for their whole life, but who cares when the music is good?

I added an example below so you can listen to and I’m sure you will be persuaded.


01. Hit In the Pit
02. Spreading The Virus
03. Nuclear Thrash Mutants
04. Target For Tonight
05. Drink Fast Or Die
06. Milling Drilling Killing
07. Terror Tentacle
08. Instant Asshole
09. Iron Fist Punch Attack
10. Tits To Die For

Playing time: 35:00

Release date: 27 November, 2015

Label: Gegentrend Records


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