The Showdown
A Chorus of Obliteration

Release date: November 6th 2006
Century Media

Distribution: EMI (Denmark)

Everything in Metal

Rating: 63/100
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Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
December 1st 2006

To put a label on The Showdown is almost impossible because the play everything in Metal. From Southern Rock/Metal, Traditionally Metal, Metal Core, Modern Thrash, Melodic Death Metal… you name it.

One word came to mind when I threw this album in my hard-tried CD-player for the very first time; Chaos! To be honest I wasn’t exactly thrilled but of course I gave it another chance…and another and now numerous listens later I find it okay.

I still find their music a little hard to digest but I’m more positive than negative about this album. We get tons of riffs and melody-line and both aggressive/shouting, growls and clean vocals. In the long run I find the aggressive vocals quite annoying… they are too monotonous for my taste.

Although I enjoy listening to “A Chorus of Obliteration” I miss something. Every track is on the exact same level and nothing really stands out in my opinion. I miss a real hammer. Most of the songs are repetitive and never let up, but its fun to dig when you're in the right mood for them. So I’m still trapped somewhere between heaven and hell but do check this album out if you’re into Metal-core, Thrash, or Melodic Death Metal.

The production done by Bruce Fitzhugh (Lead singer of Living Sacrifice) is powerful and crystal clear. Mr. Fitzhugh has done an excellent job and his production is just right for this kind of Metal.