Shining Fury
Another Life

Release date: January 16th 2006
Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Power Metal

Rating: 91/100
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: January 8th 2006

Shining Fury was formed back in 2001 by drummer Ross Lukather (Death SS, Labyrinth & Athena). After a very promising debut “Last Sunrise”, this Italian melodic speed/power metal band returns with a second and much better album, that contains 9 of their own compositions and a cover version of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” (No one will ever beat the Metal Church version).

Shining Fury once again deliver high class power metal with very passionate vocals, their music sometimes remind me of a speedy version of Crimson Glory, and sometimes of a light version of Brainstorm.

I really enjoyed tunes like “The Haunting”, “Eternal Fight”, “Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” & “Five Years Ago”. The guitars and bass on this album are great but it’s the vocals from Francesco Neretti (Athena), and the world class drumming from Ross Lukather that makes this album something special.

If you are getting tired of all the Hammerfall and Helloween clones out there, then check Shining Fury out you won’t be disappointed.

Recommended tracks: See above.