Section A
Parallel Lives

Release date: February 27th 2005
Label: Lion Music
Provided by:
Lion Music
Progressive Metal

Rating: 88/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: January 17th 2006

What do you need when you are putting together a progressive metal band? Very skilful musicians, a very good vocalist and a good production...

Well all of the ingredients are in place on this album from Section A. Torben Enevoldsen is handling all of the song writing, guitars and keyboards - and he delivers some awesome licks, shredding and leads on the guitar all over this very good album, backing him up is new guy: Johan Koleberg (Ex-Lion's Share), who replaced Andreas Lill (Vanden Plas) and Pontus Egberg on bass. Like on their first album vocalist Andy Engberg shines, he has one the best voices in progressive metal, he's a perfect fit for Torben's music.

Maybe some of you remember their debut album from 2003 "The Seventh Sign" (on Lion Music)? This new one is a big step forward, everything seems to be better worked out and the album has a better production. This album has so much to offer; great songs, great vocal performances, some excellent guitar leads and so on...

Do yourself a favour and at least take a hard listen to this album, when it hit the streets...

Recommended: "Dark Alliance", "Hoping for a Miracle" & " Beginning of the End"