The Scouger
Blind Date with Violence

Release date: October 6th 2006
Label: Cyclone Empire
Provided by: Sure Shot Worx

Style: Thrash

Rating: 75/100
Cover artwork: 75/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: November 25th 2006

Finnish The Scourgerís date with violence is indeed a brutal and convincing one. Leaning heavily on a rifforama worthy of Slayer, Testament and Kreator, ĎBlind Date with Violenceí offers more than one hour of first-class thrash metal that would be cool for an evening out with the boys.  

That said, The Scourger has not invented the (thrash) wheel and Jari Hurskainenís voice tends to get too strained (a bit like listening to Kreatorís Mille sing Pleasure to Kill constantly) after four or five songs where little vocal variation is displayed.  

The funny history behind the release is that it looks like a commercial surprise. Originally released in Finland at the beginning of the year, followed by a single that pronto entered the charts in their home country. So this is a remastered version with no less than seven bonus tracks. Not surprisingly, two of these tracks are quite aggressive versions of Slayerís Ghost of War and Testamentís Over the Wall.  

In sum: a really good thrash album but not quite holding real classics.