Savior From Anger – Temple Of Judgement

Twenty years ago there were albums with good written songs, but due to the horrible production it sounded like shit. Ratings of 30 points or less would have been a regular mark. Today, due to the digital progression, there are almost no albums with a so so production and mix. It sounds heavy, the instruments are balanced in the mix and every hole is filled in with sounds. A good producer can make an inferior musician sound o.k. and a so so singer average. The most important thing today is that the musicians are capable of writing good songs and even better, with some original or new ideas. Did leader of the band Mark Ryal (guitar)  succeed in writing good songs that stick?

This new album sounds like a Swiss clock. This music is a mix of true power metal, NWOBHM and U.S. metal. “Across the Sea” starts like an Iron Maiden song, but with a rawer edge. The singing of Bob Mitchell isn’t always excellent, although he does a better job than former vocalist Ruggiero. I like his raw style of singing, then he sounds a lot like the vocalist of Metal Church, but in the higher regions he sometimes has a kind of irritating whining sound. “Thunderheads” sounds like a Metal Church song. In the info I read that Craig Wells wrote songs for this album, I think this is one of them.

Another point I have to mention is, that after a few songs it starts to bore a little. The songs are o.k., but a lot of parts I have heard before and there are not enough surprises. The ballad “Starlight” doesn’t change my opinion about that either, in this song you can hear that singer Bob has his limitations. One of the better tracks in my opinion is “Repentence”, it  has a lot of variety, strong riffing and melodic parts reminding of Iron Maiden.

I don’t think that the band succeeded in writing a real top album. The songwriting is just not yet interesting and original enough and some vocal parts could have been better. Nevertheless, if you want a musical mix of Iron Maiden and Metal Church, you have to check them out.


01. Across the Sea
02. In the Shadows
03. Bright Darkness
04. The Eye
05. Thunderheads
06. Chosen Ones
07. The Calling
08. Starlight
09. The Eyes Open Wide
10. Repentence
11. Temple of Judgement


Playing time: 48:01

Release date: 29 April 2016

Label: Pure Steel Records


Reinier de Vries
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