Satyricon – Nemesis Divina (20th Anniversary Reissue)

With Satyricon releasing the landmark album “Nemesis Divina” in 1996, it was at a time of a black metal culture that was still rooted to a point in a minimalist ideal of staying true to the style and rarely expanding past it’s borders.  What Satyricon did on their third album was to help progress the darkest of metal sub-genres not only sonically, but visually.  As one of the first bands in the black metal scene to introduce colour into their artwork, producing one of the very first music videos of this particular style (for “Mother North”), and taking a more progressive approach to their style (much like Emperor), we can look back at this time period as one that embraced this band and made them an important cornerstone going forward in the scene.

And as the 20th anniversary of “Nemesis Divina” has come, we’re treated to a reissue of this legendary release.  Frontman Satyr has helmed the project of celebrating this milestone.  He has remastered the album with an even stronger and more forceful blast than we originally remember.  Upgraded and revitalized artwork helps with the visual aspect.  And as for the different versions that are available to delve into?  We get a beautiful mediabook edition on CD, multiple coloured versions on gatefold vinyl, and the crown jewel of the reissue set being the deluxe box set, complete with the aforementioned CD, picture vinyl, slipmat and poster.

My one disappointment regarding this re-release is that we aren’t treated to any bonus material.  Sure, it’s not a guarantee with this process, but an additional disc or even some bonus tracks would have be a great touch.

Regardless, if you’ve been a fan since this album was spawned in it’s original form, or if you’re a newer fan of black metal looking to add some of the hallmarks of the style to your collection, then this is something that needs to be purchased.



01. The Dawn Of A New Age
02. Forhekset
03. Mother North
04. Du Som Hater Gud
05. Immortality Passion
06. Nemesis Divina
07. Transcendental Requiem Of Slaves

Playing time: 42:52

Release date: 20 May, 2016

Label: Napalm Records

Website: Satyricon Official Website

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