Darkness Between

Release date: July 10th 2006
Label: Firebox Records
Target ( Denmark )

Gothic Hard Rock/Metal

Rating: 49/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: July 7th 2006

Saralee is Gothic Hard Rock and Gothic Metal from Finland and “Darkness Between” is their debut album. I must admit that Gothic Rock and Gothic Metal never has been my glass of beer… sorry, my cup of tea and I’m sure that this album won’t change a thing.

We get 11 songs here on “Darkness Between” and only 4 of them are above average in my humble opinion. The music is Melancholy-laden Gothic Metal with a few memorable hooks and memorable choruses but I fail to remember most of the songs.

You have to excuse me… it is very hard to put my feelings about this album into words…but except for 4 songs I find this album quite boring… The problem is that the songs are so predictable that it almost seems as if you don't even need to play them, you already know what they're like.

I better stop here… sorry but you have to check it out yourself. This album comes with a good production and I’m sure that some of you who are into this kind of music could appreciate this release.