Vox in Excelso

Release date: July 19th 2006
Label: Escape Music
Distribution: Bonnier Amigo
Provided by:
Zink Music

Rating: 89/100
Reviewed by: Jřrgen Ditlev
Date: August 20th 2006

Saracen’s history goes all the way back to the mid seventies where guitarist Rob Bendelow formed the band under the banner of Lammergier, which was changed into Saracen in 1981. 1981 was also the year of Saracen’s first release “Heroes, Saints and Fools”, which was released on the band’s own company Nucleus Records, a single called “No more Lonely Nights” followed in 1982 also on the Nucleus label.

In 1983 they signed a deal with Neat Records and a single “We Have Arrived” and a new album “Change of Heart” was released in 1984, but the year after 1985 Saracen broke up and nothing was heard from the boys before the year 2000 where Rob Bendelow released his solo Templar album “Come to the Light” - the album received great reviews all over the world. In 2003 the Saracen guys released their third album “Red Sky” on the Now and Then Label.

The new album “Vox In Excelso” is a concept album, based on the mysterious and controversial story of the knight’s templar – a medieval body of warrior monks, who grew to become one of the most powerful military & financial organizations in Europe.

The music of Saracen is still symphonic hard rock with many parallels to Magnum and Praying Mantis, the album is ALMOST as good as “Heroes, Saints and Fools”. Exceptional tracks like “Mary”, “Meet me at Midnight” or “Priory of Zion” makes “Vox In Excelso” essential for all N.W.O.B.H.M. or symphonic hard rock Fans out there.  

Recommended tracks: Yes all of them.