Sabaton – Heroes On Tour

No matter what you think of Sabaton, the band has definitely developed into one of the most important Power Metal bands. This is why a live release like this one should not come as a surprise. Powerful war themed Power Metal songs like Ghost Divison, Panzerkampf, Primo Victoria and so many more obviously make up the core theme of this gig, but what else can one expect from Sabaton? Basically they do what they always do; they sing about heroism, soldiering, war and the determination that is necessary to get through the hell that is war. So no, they are not very likely to ever play at an event connected to a peace movement, but so what? Yes, individual songs like “Panzer Division” that praises Rommel’s panzer division during the invasion of France in 1940 have a certain potential to attract fans with a certain political background, but there are so many other songs that praise the Allies in the same vein that give proof to the fact that one cannot put Sabaton into a particular political camp. Be that as it may, I can understand why Sabaton’s art makes many people feel uneasy, because the cover for their live album/DVD sure makes *me* feel uncomfortable. But then, this is part of what is Sabaton! They praise the idea that there is something honourable in being a warrior irrespective of the cause you are fighting for, or at least that is *my* impression.

And yes, the live album album from Sabaton’s 2015 gig in Wacken displays their attitude and their art perfectly! Songs about war, chants involving beer… You name it, you get it! This does also go for many of their most popular songs, of course. So yes, Carolus Rex is just as included as Ghost Divison, or Primo Victoria and – of course – Swedish Pagans. So no, fans who are already into Sabaton will not be surprised by the setlist. They get what they pay for. Sabaton style Heavy Metal both in respect to the lyrics and the music with some funny bantering in between the songs.

Last but not least please be aware that I am only referring to the audible part of this particular live performance. In other words: This is a review of the CD, not the live DVD. Considering the chants of the fans in the background I get the impression that the visual part was equally good though. So yes, if you are into Sabaton then I can only recommend this album! 9 devils!

Track list:

  1. The March To War
  2. Ghost Division
  3. To Hell And Back
  4. Carolus Rex
  5. No Bullets Fly
  6. Resist And Bite
  7. Far From The Fame
  8. Panzerkampf
  9. Gott Mit Uns
  10. The Art Of War
  11. Soldier Of 3 Armies
  12. Swedish Pagans
  13. Screaming Eagles
  14. Night Witches
  15. Primo Victoria
  16. Metal Crüe

Playing time: 73:57

Release date: 4 March, 2016

Label: Nuclear Blast

Website: Sabaton (Facebook)

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